romand – Glasting Water Tint #05 Rose Splash


A cherry-like tint that gives you a rich & glossy layer in 3 secs! Non-sticky & glass-coated layer and colour layer, these two separate layers allow to stay the colours longer on your lips.

These unique tints by rom&nd offer a rich colour payoff with a glassy layer that appears 3 seconds after application. The non-sticky “water” layer is separated from the colour layer that tints the lips. Unlike other glosses, the subtle colours of these tints will stay on your lips hours after wear.

Tremendous absorption tinting like water tint
A Tint that feels moisture without stickiness


#02 Red Drop: A red suitable for warm and cool skin tones.
#03 Brick River: The right red-brown shade that’s not too deep or bright.
#04 Vintage Ocean: A chic and cool red shade.
#05 Rose Splash: A rosy shade that compliments warm skin tones.
#08 Rose Stream: A beautiful dried rose shade.

To Use:
01. Apply gently from inside the lips with the tip
02. If you have applied the proper amount, please do sound wave 2-3 times
03. Now wait! If you rub your lips too much when the gloss starts to rise, the raw material that forms the film can be broken and the gloss will increase! Check it!


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