Rohto Mentholatum – Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion 2023 Renewal

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The ultimate moisturising serum for preserving a beautiful and youthful face is here: Hada Labo Gokujun Premium Hyaluronic Liquid. The star component of this high-end serum is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, well-known for its remarkable moisturising qualities, goes deep into the skin to replenish moisture and restore suppleness.

Your skin regains its firmness and youthful radiance as a result, and fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably diminished. This hyaluronic liquid provides more than just simple hydration. Its potent formula effectively holds water in the skin and raises moisture levels, giving you intense hydration all day long. A plump and beautiful complexion will greet you as you bid adieu to dry, dull skin. A great complement to any skincare regimen is the Hada Labo Gokujun Premium Hyaluronic Liquid.


Updated formula for 2023. The Hada-Labo Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion helps to maintain the ideal moisture balance while rapidly hydrating the skin.

A novel kind of hyaluronic acid called Hyalorepair® is also present in this ultra-rich moisturising toner to help with rough and damaged skin. Eight different forms of hyaluronic acid are used in the updated recipe, which offers even more moisture to dry skin than the 2020 edition.

To revitalise and moisturise the skin, this moisturising Japanese lotion contains a highly concentrated blend of eight different forms of hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, it helps moisturise and replenish dry, dehydrated skin, making it elastic, smooth, and soft. This Japanese moisturising toner/lotion, with a carefully developed composition for dry to extremely dry skin, leaves skin feeling supple and healthy all day long.


Main ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid

Water, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, PPG-50 methyl glucose ether, dipropylene glycol, diglycerin, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (nano hyaluronic acid), sodium acetyl hyaluronate (super hyaluronic acid), hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer (3D hyaluronic acid), lactococcus ferment/hyaluronic acid ferment filtrate (fermented hyaluronic acid), hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, C12-13 alkyl glyceryl hydrolyzed hyaluronate, aphanothece sacrum polysaccharides, hydroxyethyl urea, polyquaternium-51, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, glycosyl trehalose, sorbitol, carbomer , xanthan gum, disodium succinate, propanediol, potassium hydroxide, succinic acid, disodium EDTA, caprylhydroxamic acid, phenoxyethanol.

1 review for Rohto Mentholatum – Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion 2023 Renewal

  1. raiastha23

    One of the best product i have ever used, hydrates ur face, brightens it and helps to keep skin soft

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