COLORGRAM Fruity Glass Tint Pearl Gloss 0.11 Oz.


Glossy Transparent Dewy Lip Stain with subtle Pink Glitter, Buildable & Blendable for Glowing, Sparkling effect

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00 Pearl Gloss: Pink glossy glitters on transparent base.

Provides long-lasting high concentration shade and amazing glow.
Results in super glossy lips after smacking your lips.
The vivid and high concentration fruit shade lasts for a long time.
Applying just a tint is okay. If you further use lip gloss, it will be an excellent combination.
Experience the delicate glow right after application, and more fancier glow after smacking your lips.
Long-lasting of the initial shade.
Glitter gloss tint for dewy and glowing lips.

Provides more vivid colors and glass glow as you reapply it.

How to use

#for tint
1. Apply on the lower lip and then touch once more on the middle of the lower lip.
2. Lightly apply on the cupid’s bow and then blend.

#for gloss
1. Apply a tint first.
2. Complete pretty overlined lips by further applying lip gloss on the lip line, cupid’s bow, and middle of the lower lip.


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