About- Tone Makeup Spatula


A make-up spatula is the biggest base make-up trend in Korea!

This durable stainless steel makeup spatula helps spread foundation evenly on face for flawless application without clumping or caking. Spread a thin layer of foundation on face with the spatula and then blend with a makeup sponge for a smooth finish.

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Use this flat spatula with a smooth surface to achieve a flawless makeup base.
Easy-to-grip design enables precise application.
Made from durable stainless steel, beauty tool is easy to clean.
Comes with a dedicated case to store spatula.
How to Use:

Apply an appropriate amount of foundation onto skin with the spatula and spread out evenly in light strokes.
Use a beauty sponge to gently blend out the foundation for a non-cakey finish.
Size: 1 pc


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