Ryo – Hair Strengthen & Volume Shampoo [550ml]


Discover the power of this amazing 5-in-1 hair strengthening shampoo from Ryo. The plant-powered formula strengthens the roots, nourishes the hair, revitalizes the scalp, and provides elasticity and volume to your hair. Formulated with traditional ‘Hanbang’ ingredients such as Reishi mushroom, ginseng extract, and black bean extract this shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

Revitalizing & strenghtening shampoo
Suitable for those with sensitive scalps
Free from mineral oils and synthetic dyes

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Brand Ryo
Item Form Liquid
Hair Type Thinning Hair,All Hair Types
Scent Mint
Age Range (Description) Adult

VOMUMIZING SHAMPOO FOR FINE HAIR– builds 2.2 times more hair volume after using(Amore Pacific researcher’s self-test result). Soybean picked in vinegar for 1-2 weeks contains higher amino aids than a general bean. It maximizes hair volume enhancement effect by containing fermented soybean picked in vinegar(Fermented chokong) which contains full of amino acids. In the case of applying fermented soybean pickled in vinegar on hair, it gives 2.2 times more volume at the roots

EFFECTIVELY PREVENTING HAIR LOSS – The black beans provide nutrition to the roots of the hair by improving blood circulation in the scalp, effectively preventing hair loss for men and women

NOURISHES YOUR SCALP AND STRENGTHEN HAIR – The houttuynia Cordata extract has been used as a medical and edible herb that improves blood circulation to promote hair growth. This herb helps to reduce scalp infection, flaking, and acne while revitalizing your scalp. Also known as fish mint, this herb has long been used as medical purposes on treating digestive issues, insect bites, fevers, coughs, etc. It nourishes your scalp and strengthens hair root for volume

BEAN PROTEIN BUILDS HEALTHY HAIR FOLLICLES – Zinc is found in beans and is essential for hair growth. Its plant-based protein builds healthy hair follicles and deficiency of zinc and protein may result in hair loss and weak hair structure


Purified water, glycerine, dipropylene glycol, stearyl alcohol, sathyl alcohol, Stearamidoprodimetchiamine, dimecon, rockicade, flavoring, caprylic glycol, ethylene hexylglycerine, butylene glycol, ethanol, hydrolysed corn starch, Castile leaf extract, phenoxythanol, black bean extract, ginseng extract, soy protein, eosung herb extract,sacral extract, natto-gum, 1,2-hexandiol, camellia oil, tocopherol, dysodium idithii, audition extract


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