Rael-Reusable Menstrual Cup (Size 1)


The Rael Reusable Menstrual Cup (Mini) is a compact and eco-friendly option for smaller anatomies, offering comfortable and dependable menstrual protection.

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Product Information
Imported from: South Korea
Catalog No.: 1124126031
Size: 1 pc

  • Reusable silicone menstrual cups to offer you a pleasant period.
  • Soft texture that can be easily folded for insertion.
  • Can be used for up to 12 hours to carry the discharge.
  • Forms a vacuum inside to prevent leakage.

Options available:Mini:Carries 25ml of discharge.

How to use:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly. fold the edge of the cup before insertion.

2. Gently slip the cup inside the vaginal area. Slightly turn the cup to confirm it is tightly secured.

3. To remove, slightly press the bottom of the cup to release the vacuum. Carefully pull the cup out with the bottom handle.

4. Wash with hot water and store in a breathable cup case.

Other Information

Translation reference for Korean beauty product packaging:

About brand: Rael
Founded by three Korean-American women in Los Angeles, Rael is a holistic brand offering clean feminine care made without harsh chemicals to promote a healthier lifestyle. Its product range includes all kinds of comfortable period products to support women’s different needs throughout the menstruation cycle.Rael also provides a wide range of skin care for clear and healthy skin. Bestsellers include the Organic Cotton Cover Pads designed with a super absorbent core to keep you dry and comfortable during your period. Other popular items include the Natural Feminine Wipes infused with botanical ingredients to keep the intimate areas fresh and clean without causing any irritation.


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