Real Barrier Extreme Ceramide Sleeping Mask – 70ml


The ceramide ingredient protected in the capsule is absorbed into the skin.
Helps to strengthen the skin barrier.
Moisturizing Barrier that can be felt on your fingertips when you wash your face in the morning.

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About this item

REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN WHILE YOU SLEEP: Wake up to moisturized skin with our deeply hydrating and moisturizing sheet-free mask with ceramide capsules! Deeply hydrating face treatment to promote a vibrant and youthful skin complexion. Created with powerhouse ingredients such as ceramide that works while you are sleeping to keep the skin barrier firm and balanced

OVERNIGHT MOISTURIZING SKINCARE: Our skin goes into a restorative mode as we sleep. So, use this time wisely and get a facial hydrating spa while you are sleeping! The MLE Skin Barrier Formula, which contains skin barrier ingredients such as ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids, helps to prevent moisture loss by taking care of the skin barrier densely, hydrating skin the next morning. Get the healthy moist skin of your dreams while you sleep and wake up with beautifully soft, hydrated skin!

PATENTED SKIN BARRIER REPAIR TECHNOLOGY MLE flawlessly mimics the lamellar structure of the natural skin lipids and provides the ultimate in revitalizing the sensitive skin’s moisture through the restoration of the protective barrier system. This is meant to help add moist, hydration, nourishment, and benefits, leaving skin looking and feeling its best! Ideal for all skin types, even for normal, dry, combination, oily and sensitive skin

GEL-CREAM TEXTURE & CERAMIDE CAPSULES make your skin firmer overnight. The ceramide protected in the capsule is fully absorbed into the skin and helps your skin to become hydrating and firmer while you sleep. The chewy, highly concentrated gel-cream type filled with capsules spreads thickly without irritation to form a protective layer on the skin

EASY TO USE: Use it to seal in your base care products at the last step of your skincare routine. Put it on and go to sleep! World’s most comfortable and simple home skin care. A sheet-free mask is a must-have for those who are bothered to use a sheet mask but want to take care of their skin. Applying it at night before going to bed and rinsing it off in the morning makes the skin full of vitality


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